Sustainability Policy


Sustainability Policy



Luxfer-GTM is proud to be one of the only companies in its industry with an environmentally sustainable policy and strategy. Our commitment is to make a positive impact to the world we live through all of the products we design and manufacture whether they are part of a greater sustainability efforts and programs championed by our customers or through the development of our line of products that promote a sustainable environment. We encourage our employees and our customers to embrace this commitment and together to make a long lasting, positive impact on the world we live in.


There are three core strategies to supporting our sustainability policy:



1.     Design, engineer, and build gas transportation equipment that enables our customers to reduce energy consumption by significantly increasing gas payloads and reducing weight.

Our GTM, Quadrum, and Tridum product lines provide our customers the means of increasing their gas payloads by two to three-fold resulting decreased logistics costs and less energy consumed bringing their gases to market.



2.     Design, engineer, and build products and technologies that enable and support our customers’ sustainable products and programs that have immediate and long term results of reducing energy consumption, decreasing environmental emissions, and improving operational efficiencies.

Luxfer-GTM’s recovery carts and constant pressure refuelers (CPR) are allowing industries to mitigate and recover harmful emissions normally into the atmosphere along with supporting a new generation of zero-emission, hydrogen powered technologies from forklifts to drones.


3.     Create innovative and sustainable alternative energy systems that will have a positive and long lasting impact on the environment .


Luxfer-GTM has taken the initiative to develop the Zero-Set line of zero-emission generators, providing an economical alternative to traditional diesel/gasoline powered generators and light towers. The Zero-Set product line consists of portable, zero-emission, zero-noise power generators and light towers, giving the world an environmentally sustainable option to older, polluting technologies.