Luxfer Gas Cylinders has recently acquired a 100% ownership position in Luxfer GTM Technologies. Luxfer Gas Cylinders entered into a joint venture (JV) relationship to create Luxfer GTM Technologies in 2013, with the aim being to develop, manufacture and sell or lease high pressure, lightweight, gas transport modules. “We are excited about the opportunities ahead in bulk gas transport,” said Andy Butcher, Luxfer Gas Cylinders President. “Over the coming days, we will be working on a transition plan to leverage the synergies that Luxfer brings across sales, marketing, manufacturing, operations and other functional areas. With this acquisition we look forward to providing our customers an expanded set of products and services that they expect from Luxfer, the world’s largest manufacturer of gas cylinder solutions.”

Luxfer-GTM Technologies

3016 Kansas Ave Riverside CA 92507

GTM Standards

Light Weight

Over 60% lighter than traditional steel tube trailer allowing customers to save money and maximize their payloads in a world of rising distribution costs. They also have higher fill capacities providing more gas than any other transport solution within standard weight road allowances – which means greater efficiencies and improved economics.


Meets all of the highest safety standards on all regulatory requirements. Our modules are also the strongest in the industry, designed to withstand specified loading on all three axes, far exceeding traditional steel tube trailers and ISO containers.


All of our modules are covered by the longest warranties in the industry with 15 years on cylinders and 5 years on frames.

We Are in The News

Luxfer GTM Is Paving The Way For North America’s Hydrogen Infrastructure.

Load IT Up and Truck IT Luxfer GTM is poised and ready to support North America’s FCEVs hydrogen infrastructure coast to coast with an innovative line of composite cylinder bulk transports. These trailers are already supporting critical needs across the country in the Hydrogen supply chain with ground-breaking solutions in…

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A Summer Blockbuster With A Dynamic Duo!

A Dynamic Duo supports New Flyer’s Bus Testing Program in Winnipeg   Super Heroes are not only in theaters this summer. The dynamic duo of Luxfer-GTM and IGX Group are providing innovative hydrogen equipment and fueling solutions to support New Flyer’s hydrogen bus initiative at their Winnipeg New Product Development…

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A Summer Block Buster Part II

A Summer Block Buster – Part II -The H2 Dynamic Duo Supports Cell Towers Using Hydrogen Fuel Cells For Back Up Power across the USA. Who helps keep your cell phone connected to the network when the power goes out…Wonder Woman, Spider-Man…..No, it’s a fleet of Luxfer-GTM hydrogen refuelers. Three years ago,…

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Luxfer-GTM Is Back Again At San Francisco Fleet Week With Our New Zero-Set Lite

Quiet, Clean, and Bright Luxfer-GTM Technologies is pleased to announce the release of its Zero-Set Lite – portable hydrogen/fuel cell powered light tower - on National Hydrogen Fuel Cell Day…
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Luxfer-GTM’s Zero Emission Free Generators Make a Touch Down At Super Bowl 50

Sustainability and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions were a fundamental goal of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee in San Francisco. That's why the host committee, in partnership with…
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Luxfer-GTM Introduces Training Videos

San Francisco, CA (October 22, 2015) – Luxfer-GTM Technologies announced today that it produced a GTM1350-Refueler instructional video series that trains compressed natural gas (CNG) fleet owners on how to…
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Our Zero-Sets Showcased at 35th Annual Fleet Week in San Francisco

Zero Emission Portable Generators Showcased at San Francisco’s 35th Annual Fleet Week Event in Humanitarian Assistance Village San Francisco, CA (October 12, 2015) Two zero emission portable generators by Luxfer-GTM…
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The 1350-Refueler Allows CNG Fleets to Refuel on Location

GTM1350-REFUELER ALLOWS CNG FLEETS TO REFUEL ON LOCATION Fills 14-20 Vehicles in Single Use SAN FRANCISCO, CA The GTM1350-Refueler created by Luxfer-GTM Technologies allows CNG fleets to refuel at any…
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Zero-Set Generator Product Announcement

Zero-Set Generator Product Announcement San Francisco, CA (February 2, 2015) Luxfer-GTM Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the release of its new Zero-Set line of zero-emission, portable, power generators. The…
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Luxfer-GTM Presents G-Pak Series

New-G-Pak Series Product Announcement San Francisco, CA (April 23, 2014) Luxfer-GTM Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the release of its new G-Pak series gas storage systems. These lightweight storage…
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