Half sized versions of the popular GTM-1350. These very light weight, high capacity gas transport options can be easily towed by a 3/4 ton truck.


The GTM350 and GTM700 are half sized versions of the popular GTM1350 transport. The GTM350/700 provides customers a very lightweight, high capacity gas transport option that can be easily towed by small pickup trucks. Though approved for most inert and flammable gas services, the GTM350/700 has been used primarily in CNG service by gas utility companies as a back-up gas supply during customer outages or maintenance and for filling small cylinders used during meter change outs.

Depending upon the model, the GTM350/700 holds 3-6 times more gas than traditional 12-cylinder packs giving customers a safe and easy to move alternative. An optional pressure reduction panel can be supplied with either unit for a high flow (10mcfh rate) at outlet pressure of 50-150psig or higher if requested. The GTM350 is easily upgradable to a GTM700 as customers’ gas needs increase. As with all Luxfer-GTMs products, they are DOT/TC approved and require minimal maintenance.


  • Approved for most inert and flammable gases
  • Highest gas capacity towable behind a small pickup
  • Reduced driver licensing requirements
  • Short delivery times: usually 3-4 weeks
  • Highest safety standards: 8G frames
  • Separate side filling panel for CNG station refueling
  • Optional: integrated pressure reduction panels
  • Can be used in high-purity gas applications.
  • Available for sale or lease


Features / Capacities

(SCF @ 70° 3,600 PSIG)

Number of Cylinders

Standard Cubic Feet (SCF)

Diesel Gallon Equivalent (DGE)

Gasoline Gallon Equivalent (GGE)

Tare Weight


Towable Module





2,600 LBS


Towable Module





3,400 LBS