Generation 3


The Zero-Set  is the first in a line of zero emission, portable generators to be released by Luxfer-GTM which are economical, reliable, and environmentally responsible. Designed for backup power applications within the telecommunications, transportation, security, military, and government sectors, the Zero-Set V provides DC or AC power for equipment needing up to 5,000W on a pickup truck, moveable platform. The Zero-Set V is fueled by hydrogen and can affordably provide extremely reliable, high duration run times for critical equipment in the worst of weather conditions or environmentally sensitive areas. Since the emissions are only warm air and water, the Zero-Set V meets the most stringent air quality standards to support sustainable environmental efforts.

The Zero-Set V integrates Luxfer’s lightweight, high-pressure, composite cylinder technology with Relion/Plug Power’s highly reliable and efficient fuel cell technology to offer users the most reliable portable power source available on the market. Fuel cells provide 60% operating efficiencies over traditional gas/diesel generators, which are 20% to 25% efficient, while providing unparalleled reliability since there are almost no moving parts. Depending upon duty cycle and cylinder configuration, the Zero-Set V can provide continuous 24×7 power for 18 days or longer. Additionally, fuel cells provide stable power curves for specific applications where clean energy is critical.

The Relion/Plug Power fuel cells are field proven through deployments in extreme weather conditions in diverse geographic locations worldwide. Their proven reliability provides critical back-up power to thousands of cell sites across the United States. These fuel cells are “hot-swappable” for easy maintenance in seconds without tools while continuing to provide power. Multiple buss and voltage scenarios are easy to accommodate.

The Zero-Set product line mobilizes this reliable power source for rapid deployment in the hardest to reach areas. Hydrogen is widely available and can be produced almost anywhere, unlike petroleum based fuels, making it one of the most versatile green fuels available. The Zero-Set V at 5,000watts is the smallest in the product line followed by the Zero-Set X, a 10,000watt, portable generator. Luxfer-GTM will soon be introducing the economical Zero-Set 100 system that will provide users 100kW of environmentally responsible power on a mobile platform.

Luxfer-GTM Technologies is a manufacturer of composite cylinder based gas transports and systems, supplying equipment to the CNG, industrial gas, hydrogen, and O&G services industries.


  •  Wireless Telecommunications
    3G &4G wireless, WiMax, Remote radio heads, Backhaul applications-Microwave & Fiber


  •  Wireline Telecommunications
    FTTx, Broadband DLC, xDSL, DLC, Triple Play, Optical SONET/SDH, DWDH


  •  Government Communications
    Radio repeaters, flight guidance, disaster response, surveillance & security, microwave communications, C4ISR• Entertainment
    Low noise output, clean power curves for lighting and cameras