Constant Pressure Refueler


Luxfer GTM Technologies is proud to announce its GTM-CPR (Constant Pressure Refueler), an industry first, offering a low cost, continuous high pressure gas source for users with constant high pressure requirements while being lightweight and portable. Whether supporting hydrogen forklift demonstrations, small hydrogen forklift fleets, or as a mobile filling station for hydrogen vehicles, the GTM-CPR provides a unique, user friendly solution to the industry’s high pressure needs.

Using Type 3 composite cylinders with a working pressure of 6,525psig/450bar, the GTM-CPR integrates an electric booster pump that automatically maintains a constant pressure of 6,000psig into a single 6,525psig/450bar cylinder (aka “high- pressure buffer cylinder”). This single cylinder allows the customer to quickly pressure transfer fill, approximately 2.3kgs of product between recharges with the booster pump; with the entire system operating automatically. Once filled, the GTM-CPR can be easily towed behind a 3⁄4 ton pick-up to the user’s site, the CPR is plugged in, and is then ready to dispense hydrogen either to a standalone dispenser or directly from the CPR unit using a standard hydrogen fill nozzle. The GTM-CPR is the first “plug and play” system to support small to medium hydrogen forklift fleets without the expense of a liquid hydrogen station or the use of cumbersome steel tube trailers and large compressors.

Luxfer GTM offers two GTM-CPR models, depending upon the size and frequency of forklift filling required. Each of the CPR models can be filled at a variety of locations including conventional hydrogen refueling stations, selected industrial gas suppliers, and certain bulk liquid hydrogen stations. All of the GTM-CPR units are available for sale or lease. Depending upon the model and the fill pressure of the CPR, the dispensable amount will vary.


  • Complete, ready to use hydrogen refueler system for 350bar dispensing
  • 110V or 230V/3Ph power options
  • Can be filled at most H2 filling stations
  • Reliable, non-permeable, Type 3 composite cylinders
  • Towable with 3⁄4 ton pick-up truck
  • Optional capacity models for most budgets
  • Available for sale or by lease


Features / Capacities

Cylinder Type

Number of Cylinders

H2 Fill Capacity (5000 PSIG)

H2 Dispensable Quantity (5000 PSIG)

H2 Fill Capacity (6000 PSIG)

H2 Dispensable Quantity (6000 PSIG)

H2 Fill Capacity (6525 PSIG)

H2 Dispensable Quantity (6525 PSIG)

Tare Weight


Towable Modules

Type 3


59.8 KGS

42.3 KGS

68.9 KGS

52.5 KGS

73.3 KGS

57.5 KGS

5,800 LBS


Towable Modules

Type 3


119.6 KGS

81.4 KGS

137.7 KGS

100.6 KGS

146.7 KGS

110.2 KGS

14,887 LBS