About Us

About Our Company

Luxfer GTM Technologies, one of the first companies to offer Department of Transportation-certified composite cylinder-based gas transports in the USA, has become the leading manufacturer in this sector and one of the largest composite gas transport module manufacturers in the world. Our purpose is to provide customized solutions for service industries, helping them store and transport gases in the safest, lightest, and most reliable way.

Our customized lightweight, high-capacity tube trailers range from 10 feet to 53 feet in length for pressure regulation and vehicle and pipeline refueling/defueling. The systems we offer feature Luxfer G-Stor Pro Type 3 cylinders that combine the advantages and integrity of aluminum liners and the strength of carbon fiber, far exceeding existing steel tube trailer technology. These cylinders are lightweight, high-pressure (3,600psig), U.S. DOT approved and packaged in the most secure way to ensure safe delivery.


Advantages Over Traditional Steel Tube Trailers

When it comes to transporting compressed gases, its imperative that you choose a company that provides you with a module that is lightweight, reliable and most importantly – safe. Luxfer GTM Technologies offers tube trailers that rely on Type 3 cylinders that are packaged in the most secure way and offer customized modules made to fit your needs.

Luxfer GTM Transport Benefits:

  • US DOT approved for transport by ground, air, rail and ocean
  • Lower transportation, maintenance and retest costs
  • Have the fastest fill and discharge designs on the market
  • Designed with high security packaging to ensure safe delivery
  • Contain unique safety features and the highest burst pressures in the industry


Overview of Gas Transportation Modules

Luxfer GTM Technologies has designed a complete line of Gas Transportation Modules (GTM) for the storage and transportation of compressed gases. Configured around lightweight, Type 3 composite cylinders, our GTM products can store gases up to 3600 psi (248 bar). GTMs can be configured for placement into a wide variety of packages, including standard shipping containers, small tube trailers, pods or racks for small trucks.

There are many possible configurations. The majority of our GTMs use a cylinder with a 15.9 inch (40.4 cm) diameter that can be configured in rows of up to 6 cylinders. A 10′ pod uses a 108 inch (274.3 cm) long cylinder in 5 cylinders across by 6 cylinders high (or 5×6). A 20 foot ISO container is 5x6x2. A small truck, however, may use the 120 inch (304.8 cm) long tube in a 4×3 or 4×4 configuration.

In the US, Luxfer GTM manufactures tube trailers with cylinders approved for use under Special Permit 15136 issued by the US Department of Transportation (USDOT). We also use cylinders that meet the requirements of ANSI/CSA NGV 2, US DOT FMVSS 304, CAN/CSA B51, TC 301.2, METI-KHK, ISO 11439 and ECE R110. The cylinders have also been approved for storage and transportation of compressed natural gas (CNG) in Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Mexico and Vietnam. In addition, Transport Canada has approved our GTMs for domestic use as well.

So pick your location, your mode of transportation and packaging interest, and we can make the GTM suitable for your application.