Hydrogen Highlights

Luxfer-GTM is delighted to share some of our favorite highlights from 2018. We supported the development of H2 infrastructure and transportation coast to coast and across the Pacific. We also looked to the stars as part of the next generation of hydrogen applications. Next year we look forward to being part of the energy transformation with more innovations and increased market adoption. As Jules Verne predicted in his novel’s. “Water will be the coal of the future.” The Future Is Now. Happy Holidays.

Hydrogen Coast to Coast

Luxfer GTM is poised and ready to support North America’s FCEVs hydrogen infrastructure coast to coast with an innovative line of composite cylinder bulk transports.   Keep Reading

Global Climate Action Summit-San Francisco

Luxfer-GTM zero emission hydrogen powered light tower (Zero Set Light) illuminated the Hydrogen Council & EIN reception at Global Climate Summit 2018.

National Hydrogen Fuel Day & JPL NASA

Luxfer-GTM / IGX Group celebrating National Hydrogen (H2) and Fuel Cell Day at Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  Keep Reading

International Emergency Exercises In The Pacific Rim With LGTM

“This is the first time we are aware of that hydrogen fuel cell technology to generate electrical power has been used in support of domestic operations exercise like this,” said retired Brig. Gen. Stan Osserman, HCATT director. “It’s particularly exciting because we were able to share the experience with the Hawaii National Guard State Partner, Indonesia.”. Keep Reading

Fuel Cell Bus Development With New Flyer

LGTM continued to work and New Flyer supporting their fuel cells bus development in Canada and Alabama with our transports including GTM1350, GTM800, GTM1500-450





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