A Summer Block Buster Part II

A Summer Block Buster – Part II -The H2 Dynamic Duo Supports Cell Towers Using Hydrogen Fuel Cells For Back Up Power across the USA.

Who helps keep your cell phone connected to the network when the power goes out…Wonder Woman, Spider-Man…..No, it’s a fleet of Luxfer-GTM hydrogen refuelers.

Three years ago, industry approached the team of Luxfer-GTM and IGX Group about developing a hydrogen fueling service. Throughout telecommunication networks, stationary fuel cells were being used to provide backup power on cell sites. Though the fuel cells were reliable, the existing infrastructure and resources to fuel them were not efficient or non-existent. Many sites were still relying on bottle swap methods (exchange of cylinders) for fueling instead of being filled on site as intended by design.

Without a fueling strategy, many sites were not being fully utilized and their long-term application was in question.

LGTM and IXG Group provided a cost-effective fueling and service solution. The GTM1350 refuelers could reach the most remote and rugged locations towing 76kgs of hydrogen with a 3/4 ton truck.

In addition to first fills and disaster response fueling, IGX Group increased their service offerings to include preventative maintenance, repairs, conversions to fill in place and customized support solutions when needed.

Currently the team of LGTM and IGX Group service over 1,000 cell sites nationwide for all the major carriers. The number is increasing as the adoption of fuel cells grows in existing and new markets.

This H2 Dynamic Duo just might be coming to a cell tower near you this summer!


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