A Summer Blockbuster With A Dynamic Duo!

A Dynamic Duo supports New Flyer’s Bus Testing Program in Winnipeg


Super Heroes are not only in theaters this summer. The dynamic duo of Luxfer-GTM and IGX Group are providing innovative hydrogen equipment and fueling solutions to support New Flyer’s hydrogen bus initiative at their Winnipeg New Product Development Center.

One of the concerns New Flyer had with restarting their fuel cell development program was that Winnipeg currently does not have a hydrogen refueling station or source nearby. Implementing a full hydrogen generation and fueling system at New Flyer would be expensive and would have delayed the vehicle development program slowing their time to market.

Last year, New Flyer reached out to Luxfer-GTM and IGX Group to provide a solution. Luxfer-GTM-1350 H2 Refueler with a capacity of 78kgs at 3600psig combined with IGX’s fueling services provided a cost-effective program. IGX Group coordinated the delivery and pick up of two trailers on a rotational basis ensuring that New Flyer always had reliable fuel source on site for over 6 months. The 60-foot articulating battery bus with an onboard hydrogen fuel cell range extender, supported by the H2 refuelers, is currently undergoing durability testing after which it is destined for AC Transit’s Fleet.

Due to the program’s success, another lease and fueling program is being implemented this year. New Flyer is now able to meet their aggressive development schedule for a 40-foot battery bus with an onboard hydrogen fuel cell range extender with confidence in available fuel.

Future buses will go to key markets on the West Coast.

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