New Year With Hydrogen Solutions

New Year With Hydrogen Solutions

Luxfer-GTM Technologies’ Zero-Set Lite – portable hydrogen fuel cell powered light tower – provided critical working light for an overnight barge exchange operation at Alcatraz Island National Park.  The operation was part of a planned maintenance period for the Island’s embarkation dock, which serves approximately 5,000 visitors per day, and was undertaken by Alcatraz Cruises, official National Park Service concessioner for ferry service to Alcatraz Island. 

The Zero-Set Lite was transported by boat across the San Francisco Bay and hoisted by crane onto the Island in order to support the operation.  While Alcatraz Cruises crew and subcontractors worked throughout the night to effect the safe barge exchange, despite inclement weather, the light tower consistently provided bright, clean, and quiet lighting, allowing crews to see and hear each other clearly in the challenging working conditions.  

 “Until now it has just been a given that if you needed portable light and power, you were also going to get lots of noise and diesel fumes – and what we found is that that’s just not true anymore.  The hydrogen fuel cell light tower did a great job of lighting up the work area, and it also made it possible to have a normal conversation in the area with no noise or fumes.  The light tower also follows the time-honored maritime K.I.S.S. principle, which stands for: ‘Keep It Simple Sailor’, in that you can power the unit on and off with the simple push of a button, and there is zero chance of a fuel spill” 

– Julian Rose

Special Projects Manager

Hornblower Cruises and events.

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