Year in Review For Luxfer-GTM’s Hydrogen Market

Hydrogen Highlights

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology is transforming the energy landscape of our world and is an important part of our nation’s future. This zero emission alternative energy solution holds the potential to provide clean, safe, affordable, and secure energy and has made significant strides over the past few years. As the most abundant naturally occurring element in our universe, hydrogen fuel can be easily created in any region from its own resources and in the long run, can help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and the emission of pollutants.

As 2017 quickly approaches, our team at Luxfer-GTM Technologies would like to take a moment and reflect on the past year to celebrate some of the accomplishments industry and stakeholders have made in our country, as well as recognize our own contributions to the future of clean energy. Below are five of our favorite moments of 2016.

Super Bowl 50

Luxfer-GTM Zero-Sets powered areas of Super Bowl City as part of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee sustainability initiative. During the 9 days leading up to the Big Game, Luxfer-GTM’s Zero-Sets supported the Sonoma Wine Lounge and the Market Street Bistro with environmentally friendly power. They were also used for the load out process because they provided a quiet alternative to diesel generators. Hydrogen used during the event was sourced from the Sonoma Stone Edge Microgrid Project and Bay Area hydrogen stations.

“It was quite exciting to be able to build our clean energy initiatives around Super Bowl City with the help of Luxfer-GTM and the Zero Emission Generators. With the addition of this technology, we were able to power SBC 100% away from dirty diesel. We had over a million guests in the 9-day course of our event, and many of them were pleased to learn about hydrogen fuel cell generators and see them in action on a large scale event. It was exciting for us and for the community who came to enjoy Super Bowl City.”  —

John Mitchell
Director of Event Production
San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee

Historic (CEM7)- Clean Energy Ministerial in San Francisco

Luxfer-GTM Welcomed World Energy Leaders From 24 Countries to Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM7) in San Francisco, CA  – Delegates  included United States Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz and Governor of California, Jerry Brown.Luxfer-GTM was competitively selected to participate in the  Solutions Showcase held in Union Square to show their innovation in hydrogen technology with generators and transports.

Launch of the Zero-Set Lite at San Francisco Fleet Week on National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day

Luxfer-GTM Technologies was pleased to announce the release of its Zero-Set Lite – portable hydrogen/fuel cell powered light tower – on National Hydrogen Fuel Cell Day at the Humanitarian Assistance Village during San Francisco Fleet Week.

For the second year, Zero-Sets provided clean power as an integral part of the interactive demonstration of civilian and military capabilities in responding to a natural or man-made disaster. Similar to other equipment in the Zero-Set product line, the Zero-Set Lite integrates clean, ultra-reliable, hydrogen fuel cell technology with safe composite cylinder hydrogen storage to produce zero emission and whisper quiet operation.  The near silent performance of the hydrogen fuel cell eliminates the typical noise of a combustion engine.  High output LED technology provides a portable light solution with a long bright run time.

Zero Emission Power In The Sonoma Wine Country

Luxfer-GTM joined the Center for Climate Protection at the Stone Edge Farm MicroGrid Project Open House for the regional wine industry. .

Stone Edge Farm MicroGrid hosted this tour to raise awareness of how to build an “ARK-EDEN” and introduce zero emission alternative energy solutions. Stone Edge and its team of partners  from around the world showcased self-sufficiency in energy, food, and water for all needs, including making wine.

Luxfer-GTM NEW Constant Pressure Refueler

Luxfer-GTM Is proud to announce its GTM-CPR ( Constant Pressure Refueler), an industry first, offering a low cost, continuous high pressure requirements while being lightweight and portable. Whether supporting hydrogen forklift demonstrations, small hydrogen vehicles, the GTM-CPR provides a unique, user friendly solution to the industry’s high pressure needs.

All of us at Luxfer-GTM wish you a Happy Holiday Seasons and Best Wishes for a Joyous New Year!

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