Luxfer-GTM Is Back Again At San Francisco Fleet Week With Our New Zero-Set Lite

Quiet, Clean, and Bright

Luxfer-GTM Technologies is pleased to announce the release of its Zero-Set Lite – portable hydrogen/fuel cell powered light tower – on National Hydrogen Fuel Cell Day at the Humanitarian Assistance Village during San Francisco Fleet Week.

For the second year, Zero Sets are providing clean power as an integral part of the interactive demonstration of civilian and military capabilities in responding to a natural or man-made disaster.
Similar to other equipment in the Zero Set product line, the Zero-Set Lite integrates clean, ultra-reliable, hydrogen fuel cell technology with safe composite cylinder hydrogen storage to produce zero emission and whisper quiet operation.  The near silent performance of the hydrogen fuel cell eliminates the typical noise of a combustion engine.  Since hydrogen fuel cells have no moving parts, they have superior advantages over traditional diesel and gas powered generators by offering 98% up time reliability and virtually no maintenance.  High output LED technology provides a portable light solution with a long bright run time.

“The Zero-Set Lite is an economical  innovation to address a wide range of lighting applications for events and entertainment, roadside construction, military and disaster response operations, “ states Michael Koonce , CEO of Luxfer-GTM.

“A key feature of the Zero-Set Lite is the light sense function,” continues Koonce. “This feature automatically allows the Zero-Set Lite to turn on at night and off during the day to extend the time between fills to almost 5 days and reduce the manpower required to monitor the system when used.”
Last year, Congress passed the resolution to designate October 8 as a national day to build awareness about this green energy source that is available now. They chose the eighth as it represents 1.008, the atomic mass of hydrogen. A hydrogen infrastructure network is actively being developed nationwide with key markets in California and North East.

“We are delighted to showcase our innovative zero emission applications on National Hydrogen Fuel Cell Day, “Continues Koonce. “Zero-Sets provide an alternative to diesel generators and lighting towers. We are glad to be part of the celebration for a clean energy future”.

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