Luxfer-GTM Introduces Training Videos

San Francisco, CA (October 22, 2015) – Luxfer-GTM Technologies announced today that it produced a GTM1350-Refueler instructional video series that trains compressed natural gas (CNG) fleet owners on how to refuel their vehicles with a mobile refueler.

“There are times when CNG fleet owners may experience range anxiety because they are too far from a CNG station and need to refuel as soon as possible,” says Meredith Webber, vice president of sales and marketing for Luxfer-GTM Technologies. “Our GTM1350-Refueler solves this issue and provides them with a mobile CNG refueler that can be taken virtually anywhere there are roads to fill their vehicles on the go.”

The GTM1350-Refueler delivers 300 usable gas gallon equivalents at 3,600psi to vehicle fleets and can fill anywhere between 14 to 20 vehicles. It includes an NGV1 standard fill nozzle, can be towed by a standard pickup truck and is approved by the Department of Transportation and Transport Canada.

“This unit is not only a great option for CNG fleet owners but also serves as an emergency backup solution for CNG station owners,” says Webber. “In the event that a CNG station is down for maintenance, this gives station owners a convenient way to provide uninterrupted service to their customers.”

Luxfer-GTM Technologies, LLC is a joint venture between Luxfer Gas Cylinders, a world leader in composite and aluminum cylinder manufacturing, and GTM Technologies, a leading manufacturer of high-pressure gas transportation module systems. Luxfer-GTM is one of the first companies to offer Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) certified composite cylinder gas transports in USA and Asia and their transports range from 10 to 50 feet in length.
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