Zero-Set Generator Product Announcement

Zero-Set Generator Product Announcement San Francisco, CA (February 2, 2015)

Luxfer-GTM Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the release of its new Zero-Set line of zero-emission, portable, power generators. The Zero-Set product line provides an economical, commercially available of power generators that emit only water and hot air. Currently, two power configurations are available, 5kW and 10kW at 48V DC output with an optional DC to AC inverter package to 110V/220V. The Zero-Set product provides unparalleled reliability and run times with fuel storage options that range from 4 to 18 days running 24×7. Current deployments within the cellular industry have units running in excess of 6 months continuously without interruption, 100% reliability and uptime. Refueling typically takes 15-20 minutes and can be done safely while the Zero-Set is operating.

Zero-Set generators are lightweight and towable with a pick-up truck and some cars with a trailer hitch. The Zero-Set V (5kW output) has four (4) lightweight, composite cylinders integrated with an air-cooled hydrogen fuel cell. Because of the lightweight cylinder configuration (4 cylinder model), towing the Zero-Set does not require any special license to transport on public roads. Other options include GPS tracking and remote pressure telemetry for scheduling refueling and alerts.

The Zero-Set line was designed for operation in environmentally and noise sensitive areas; around groups of people where emissions are not acceptable; where ultra-reliable, 24×7, long run-time power is required, and for emergency power applications.

Michael Koonce, president of Luxfer-GTM Technologies says “The Zero-Set generators represent the first economical, portable, zero-emission generators available on the market today. We continue to identify new applications for the Zero-Line each day.” “Expect to see higher power output models later this year, all with the same benefits as the current product line” states Michael Koonce. Currently, Zero-Set generators are DOT and TC approved and are available to for purchase or lease.

Luxfer-GTM Technologies, LLC is a venture between Luxfer and GTM Technologies that started January 2013. GTM Technologies is based in San Francisco, California with production facilities in Tulsa, Oklahoma. GTM’s gas transport product line ranges from the small G-Pak series, to pick-up trailered systems, to large 50’ transports. All of GTM’s products comply with DOT and TC special permits and approved for a variety of other gases. Luxfer is a leading manufacturer of composite cylinders worldwide and is based in the UK and Riverside, California.
For more information, contact: GTM at (415) 856-0570 or e-mail: sales

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