Luxfer-GTM Presents G-Pak Series

New-G-Pak Series Product Announcement San Francisco, CA (April 23, 2014)

Luxfer-GTM Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the release of its new G-Pak series gas storage systems. These lightweight storage packs are designed to store and transport high-pressure gasses such as CNG and Hydrogen at pressures of up to 5,000psig. At the heart of the G-Pak is Luxfer’s G-Store Pro, type 3 cylinders fitted with high flow valves, and protected by a highly reliable glass bulb based pressure/thermal safety system. The GPak series consists of an all aluminum frame with a minimal footprint allowing 2-3 of them to be stacked in the bed of any standard pick-up truck. A key buying consideration is the 520lb tare weight, allowing for the transportation of one or two G-Packs without a driver’s HazMat endorsement or truck placarding. The G-Pak series is equipped with a stock regulated control panel or a customized panel can installed. Standard features include: built in NGV1 receptacles allowing the G-Pak to be filled at most CNG filling stations, high flow regulator, 8G frame construction, and easy to use push/pull valve actuation. The CNG capacity of the G-Pak 3 is 21DGE at 3,600psig and 6.3kgs of Hydrogen at 5,000psig. Units are available for sale or lease. “The G-Pak series of gas storage systems is a first for the industry, permitting easy transport of high volumes of CNG in a standard pick-up without the need for hazmat endorsed drivers’ says Michael Koonce, president of GTM Technologies. The G-Pak series will be debuted at the ACT Show in Long Beach, May 5th-8th, but more information is available on the web at Luxfer-GTM Technologies, LLC is a venture between Luxfer and GTM Technologies that started January 2013. GTM Technologies is based in San Francisco, California with production facilities in Tulsa, Oklahoma. GTM’s gas transport product line ranges from the small G-Pak series to pick-up trailered systems, to large 50’ transports. All of GTM’s products comply with DOT and TC special permits and approved for a variety of other gasses. Luxfer is a leading manufacturer of composite cylinders worldwide and is based in the UK and Riverside, California. For more information, contact: GTM at (415) 856-0570 or e-mail: sales

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